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Worcester Medicaid Law Attorney

When the care of an aging loved one becomes too difficult to handle alone, there are community Medicaid (MassHealth) programs that can help, such as adult day health centers and personal care attendant (PCA) services.

I am Nicholas W. Daviau, and I provide Medicaid advocacy services for seniors and their family members throughout Massachusetts. Contact my Worcester law office at 508-425-4270 or 866-513-0612 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer today.

Strong Advocacy For Seniors

MassHealth sponsors a wide variety of community-based programs to help seniors who do not require the level of care provided by a nursing home or long-term care facility. In order to qualify for these services, a person must not exceed MassHealth income and asset limits. Before you get involved with MassHealth, it is important to seek the counsel of an experienced Medicaid law attorney.

Fortunately, a person is not subject to the typical five-year look-back period when applying for these programs. That means that you or your loved one can transfer assets to another person or into a trust and be eligible for these programs rather quickly.

Helping Seniors Obtain Skilled Nursing Care

Alternatively, if it is no longer safe for your loved one to remain in his or her home, skilled nursing care may be necessary. MassHealth also offers long-term care benefits for those eligible individuals who are in need of long-term care.

In order to qualify for these benefits, an individual may not exceed $2,000 in assets. It may be necessary to undertake spend down activity in order to achieve eligibility. Some of the spend downs are:

  • Prepaid burial or funeral
  • Burial account
  • Home repairs
  • Transfers to a child with special needs

For those seniors in need of skilled nursing care, I can also assist them in obtaining MassHealth benefits to cover the cost of the long-term care.

Helping Your Loved Ones Get The Services They Deserve

I am committed to helping you get your loved one the services he or she needs and deserves. I will help you create a Medicaid planning strategy that not only meets your loved ones’ current needs, but also takes into account their future long-term care needs.

I will work directly with the government agencies and financial institutions to ensure that your loved one receives the services he or she needs, helping to alleviate the stress and anxiety that you may be feeling. I will be your loved one’s advocate so you can focus on caring for him or her.

Contact A Westborough Medicaid Eligibility Lawyer For A Free Consultation

Regardless of the program for which you or your loved one is seeking benefits, you should retain the services of an experienced Worcester Medicaid law attorney. Do you have question about Medicaid eligibility? Call 508-425-4270 or 866-513-0612 to schedule a free consultation. You may also contact my law firm online.