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Worcester Business Succession Planning Lawyers

If you own and operate a business, you need to carefully consider to whom and how you want to transfer your business upon your death. A knowledgeable and experienced estate planning attorney can help you figure out the details so that your business is transferred as smoothly as possible.

I am Nicholas W. Daviau. I established my law firm in 2011 to provide individuals throughout Massachusetts with effective and affordable legal services. Contact my law firm at 508-425-4270 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Worcester business succession planning attorney today.

Shrewsbury Business Transfer Attorney

There are several factors to consider when you create a plan to transfer your business in a succession plan. A business succession plan not only concerns the technical aspect of transferring ownership but your personal interests in preserving the business that you worked hard to start up.

When you meet with me, we will go over some important questions:

  • Who will be my successor?
  • Will my successor preserve the mission and values of the business that I started from the ground up?
  • How much is my business worth?
  • How will I transfer my business? Will I transfer it through a will or trust or another legal instrument?
  • What are the tax consequences of transferring my business?

I will make sure to discuss these questions and more in our initial consultation. Whether you are passing along a family business to a relative or transferring complete ownership to a business partner, I will help you create a plan that best carries out your interests.

I can help make sure that your relative is financially secure upon the transfer of your business. I strive to minimize the tax consequences to you, your estate and the new business owner. I will also make sure that your wishes concerning control of operations and finances are clearly stated in the instrument of transfer. I will help guide you through the issues associated with business succession.

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For a lawyer knowledgeable in business succession planning, contact my Worcester law firm at 508-425-4270 or toll free at 866-513-0612. I offer a free initial consultation.