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Worcester Trust Lawyers

A trust is an estate planning tool that you can use to distribute your assets to your beneficiaries without having to go to probate court. Avoiding probate is not the only advantage of creating a trust — it also helps reduce estate taxes and protect assets.

I am attorney Nicholas W. Daviau. I help individuals throughout Massachusetts with their estate planning needs. Learn more about the benefits of trusts through a free initial consultation. Contact Daviau Law Offices, PC, at 508-425-4270 or toll free at 866-513-0612 to speak to an experienced Worcester lawyer.

Types Of Trusts

A trust can serve several functions, depending on the type of trust you create. I can help you develop several types of trusts:

I take the time to understand your individual circumstances and your specific needs. No matter the situation, I will work with you to create a trust that best serves your needs. Whether you want to reserve money for a relative with special needs, create a trust for a charity or preserve assets, you can trust me to look out for your best interests.

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In a free consultation, I can explain to you the various types of trusts. Together we can choose what trust is right for your situation. Contact my law office at 508-425-4270 or toll free at 866-513-0612 for an experienced Worcester trust attorney.